Sunday, September 19, 2010

Continuing on the journey

I used to do this all the time, sit at an airport by myself and read, write, wait, back when I used to travel tons for work.  I forgot a little how much I love this, having this little self-contained life to roll on board with me: the essentials I can’t do without – laptop, book, phone, coffee, lipstick, scarf, money, music.  I love having my spot staked out, the power outlet in use, some time to sit with really nothing to do at all except just this.


I’m on my way to Colorado this morning, for the Anusara Yoga Grand Gathering.  I’ve never been to any yoga thing this big, and I’ve never been to Colorado, let alone the Rockies, so I’m so looking forward to it.  I already have the feeling I’ll need to go back to this place, next time with Joe.  It pains me not to have him with me. 

The daily schedule for Monday – Wednesday is amazing.

9-12                                  Master Class with John Friend

2:30-3:30         Philosophy with varying teachers – including Douglas Brooks

4:00 – 6:00      More Yoga with Sianna

Then after dinner, there’s other stuff, talks, kirtan, what-have-you.  I’ll probably skip most of that, and the morning meditation too, since I unfortunately do have to do some amount of work while I’m out there – check email, track some issues.  But at least I won’t be in the office.  That’s much-needed right now.

Mostly I feel like I’m going to camp, which makes this waiting feel distinctly different.  I’m also not the stressed-out traveler I used to be, and damn it, having wifi pretty much rules. 

And I’m continuing my yogic journey this year by heading to the Big Show, the big gathering at which 600 Anusara teachers and students are expected.  When I look back over the year, I am so aware of how much the yoga is helping me get clear about my direction and how much the yoga serves me in unfolding what’s next.  And feeling so grateful for all of the friends and fun it’s brought me.

More bulletins from the Mother Ship, wireless willing.


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