Thursday, September 23, 2010

Absolutely stuffed, replete with goodness

As I drink my coffee this morning,  I can hear the elk bugling near our cabin.  That has been one of the highlights of this visit to the Anusara Grand Gathering, this daily communion with these gigantic beasts.  Once I get home and recharge the battery in my camera, I'll upload the video and photos.  Their sound is unreal, truly like nothing I could have imagined.  Last night as we three roommates stood around at our various points in a parking lot near our cabin where we actually had phone signal and could call our loved ones, the females of the herd came closer and closer.  A baby knelt to nurse from its mother.  We could hear the male scraping his great antlers against the trees.  RIGHT NOW as I wrote that last sentence, he just walked, stately, past the window of our cabin, antlers nearly as high as our roofline.

This entire experience has been mind-blowing in the same way.  Moments where I am transfixed by beauty, struck fairly dumb with the dazzlement of it all.  A lot of moments.

And so much fun.  Sharing a cabin has been so great, deepening my friendship with Robyn and Samin and having a place to hang out and talk about the events of the day.  Eating the mediocre food in the cafeteria has even been fun, meeting people, feeling this summer-camp feeling, getting ready to stroll to class with the Rockies and the sun in my eyes.  I really truly deeply madly whole-heartedly Love this practice of yoga.

Stay tuned: I'll be reviewing my notes, unpacking everything that I've learned in the coming days.  Right now I'm just trying to savor this purna, this feeling of complete fullness (full completeness?).  So, so good!

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